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Water Works
Waterworks Enterprises Pte Ltd is a provider of quality bathroom products for Residential, Commercial and Institutional users. We thrive in supplying exquisite range and design for new developmental projects, retrofitting sanitaryware of existing bathrooms which are dated in design. At Waterworks, we attend to the needs of our clients by offering customize suite of solutions.


Waterworks is a dynamic and vibrant company that is in tune with the times while bring along our decades of experience in this industry. We believe that every client’s need is different and we strive to exceed each and every client’s expectations with our range of products and solutions.

Our exquisite range of European design products and solution are moulded with practicality in mind and functionality of the Asian palette.


We always try to find the suppliers with top quality.

At Waterworks, our team of Craftsman/Designers are inspired to create functional Sanitary wares influenced by European theme flairs through our range of products.

As we embark into our third decade in the industry, Waterworks Enterprises Pte Ltd is now under the leadership of “Lian Wang Trading Pte Ltd” group of companies as we strive to offer more to our clients every changing needs.

“Waterworks will continue to Strive and Create a distinct identity that will be a benchmark of trend and practicality for every budget.”

We carry a range of bathroom products including the following renowned brands.:


*Falerrii designed & Made in Italy

*Althea designed & Made in Italy

*Galassia designed & Made in Italy

*VERA Ceramica designed in European


*FIR Italia designed & Made in Italy

*Damixa designed & made in Denmark

*Armando Vicaro designed & made in Italy

*Supergrif designed & made in spain


*Aquila designed in germany