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Waterworks Enterprises Pte Ltd is a provider of quality bathroom products for home, business and industrial users. Whether it is the supply of an exciting range and designs for a newbuilding development project, or the retrofitting of bathroom wares which are dated, Waterworks can help you customize a suite of solutions to suit your customers’ needs.

Waterworks is a dynamic and vibrant company in tune with times. We believe that every customer’s need is different and we strive to satisfy each and every customer’s expectations with our range
of products.

Our exquisite products are not only exciting with a range of European designs and solutions, but also incorporate the practicality and functionality of the Asian palette.

That is why, we at Waterworks have our in-house Asian designers and manufacturers, creating distinctly Asian and European influenced themes for our range.

We have a range of bathroom products which include the following renowned brands:-
Sanitary Wares
• Falerrii designed & made in Italy
• Althea designed & made in Italy
• Galassia designed & made in Italy
• Vera Ceramica designed in Singapore & made around Asia

• FIR Italia designed & made in Italy
• Damixa designed & made in Denmark
• Armando Vicario designed & made in Italy
• Supergrif designed & made in Spain

• Aquila designed in Germany and made around Asia


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